Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Blog Disclaimers

The following are my standard disclaimers that apply to this entire blog...

Disclaimer 1: my usual mode of operation is to "discover" something for myself and then later search the literature to discover that someone else, (say Plato) has already had that brain storm. Thus my intuition that "this means something, this is important" only provokes a "DUH!" if you already know that it was first written by a philosopher twenty-five hundred years ago, or in a Norwegian PhD thesis 10 years ago. Have patience with the wide eyed innocence which will eventually be made wise. These entries are a journey.

Disclaimer 2: in transcribing my notes a year and a half after the fact, I will sometimes use a philosophical term (e.g. essential/accidental) that I did not know at the time, in order to make it more clear what I was trying to say at that time.

Disclaimer 3: having just started teaching myself Philosophy 101, I know just enough to be dangerous. However, I have 30+ years of hands-on software engineering knowledge and experience, so I feel qualified to recognize gaps in today's state of the art (as practiced in the real world, i.e. corporations, not academia) which can be filled with concepts developed in Philosophy.

POSTSCRIPT - March 1st, 2010
I found a quote that echoes my disclaimer number one. From "Corporate Entity" by Jan DejnoÅūka: "It is usual to say that in studying philosophy of X, that we do best to acquire a pre-philosophical understanding of X before philosophizing about it. The more we know about X pre-philosophically, the better our philosophy of X will be."

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